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Provide Transportation Services Since 1996


We leverage cutting-edge technology solutions to enhance visibility, efficiency, and decision-making in your supply chain. Our advanced tracking systems provide real-time shipment updates, allowing you to monitor your goods at every stage. We also offer data analytics tools that provide valuable insights into your operations, enabling you to make informed business decisions and drive continuous improvement.

In addition to our core logistics services, we offer a range of value-added services to further support your supply chain. These include inventory management, order tracking, reverse logistics, packaging, labeling, and customized reporting. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution that caters to your unique requirements and helps you achieve operational excellence.

We understand that different industries have unique logistics needs. That's why we offer specialized solutions for various sectors, including automotive, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, and more. Our industry-specific expertise allows us to develop customized strategies and processes that align with your specific requirements and ensure the efficient handling and transportation of your goods.

Ronald Richards
Founder CEO


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Worldwide Branche

  • Provide company-wide visibility to capacity
  • Many desktop publishing packages
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Benefits of Logistics services


Affordable Cost

Our experienced team utilizes advanced route optimization software to analyze various factors such as distance, traffic patterns, and transportation modes.


Short Time Delivery

Our experienced logistics professionals meticulously analyze your requirements, optimize transportation routes, and coordinate with our network of carriers and partners.


Priority Handling and Expedited Services.

Metalfan Logistics offers dedicated teams that specialize in urgent shipments, ensuring that your goods receive the attention and priority they deserve.


Customer Support

Our customer support team is readily available to respond to your queries, concerns, and requests.

Freight Rail is Committed to Logistics Safety

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Metalfan Logistics offers a comprehensive range of services including transportation, warehousing and distribution, customs compliance and trade services, technology-driven solutions, value-added services, and specialized industry solutions. We cater to various logistics and supply chain needs to streamline your operations effectively.

We provide advanced tracking systems that allow you to monitor the status of your shipments in real-time. You can access tracking information through our website or contact our customer support team for assistance.

Yes, Metalfan Logistics offers international shipping services. We have a global network of partners and facilities that enable us to handle shipments across borders and provide efficient customs clearance.

Metalfan Logistics has expertise in serving various industries, including automotive, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, and more. We understand the unique logistics needs of each industry and offer specialized solutions to optimize your supply chain.